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Ekstremalios pramogos

For tourists


4x4 amusements

Join us and prepare for extreme adventures

  • Go with specially prepared SUV
  • Vanquish unbeatable tracks
  • Experience what you haven't been experienced before




Sauna. After this much of adventure and fun, everybody could use a bit of rest, right?And what is better for that than authentic Lithuanian sauna! You will surely revive yourself, share impressions with your fellows and, what is more, use services of a professional bath-house attendant.




Tub. This is the exact choice if you are keen to relax while stargazing or, simply, sauna was not enough. Talk through the day with your friends while water does its' magic.



saslykai-61466408Food. Adventures cause a hell of an appetite. Everybody knows - hungry man is not a happy man, so we will provide you with the best meal on earth, if necessary. We put even more love to your meal than your mother. Our aim is to assure that you survive the day happily.



QuakingAspen-RanchHouse-WinterNightAccommodation. When we party, there's no way that you could possibly want to leave. So stay! 


I wondered what I could do while visiting relatives in Lithuania. My cousin offered me to go try 4x4 and that was amazing. The crew is just hilarious and you get a dose of adrenaline that's enough for the whole year. Don't miss your chance, mate. Cheers! 



The best possible way to explore Lithuanian forests! Although I nearly killed a deer... 😀 The food is extraordinary.